Meet Joshua James, the fix-it man. If he can’t fix it, no one can!

When a stinky problem arises, Joshua James takes matters into his own hands with a little help from his younger sister, Sophie.

This playful read-aloud story with catchy text and imaginative illustrations is sure to inspire young inventors everywhere.



The digitally enhanced mixed-media pictures work on two levels: for those interested in a quick read, the cartoon-style illustrations show J.J. happily involved in various tasks, while schematic-style drawings are included throughout to give a detailed view of J.J.’s inventions. This will have broad appeal, especially for those who like to have a tool in their hands.
— Booklist
Young, bespectacled Joshua James is a fix-it kind of kid. Not only can he mend the chair and get the couch-pillow bridge back up, but he is an inventor as well. Getting out of bed can be a drag, so why not invent a Rube Goldberg–ian device to make the day’s entrance exciting? In Chung’s busy, clever illustrations, Joshua James’ cockamamie plans use physics and gerbils to get the job done.
— Kirkus