Arree offers assemblies and small presentations for students in grades Pre-K to 12th grade, as well as in-service teacher training presentation. A one-day visit includes up to four presentations, and schools are welcome to mix and match programming to suit their needs. Please feel free to ask questions via our school contact form if you have any questions. 


MIXED, Symbolism and the Power of Story

Presentation for Grades Pre-K to 8 
Stories are powerful tools to create understanding and empathy. Arree shares how the Lorax and the Giving Tree touched him as a child and inspired him to become a storyteller. Arree shares how he found the idea for Mixed and what inspired the story. In addition, Arree discusses how stories can be used to generated discussion and understanding. Students are engaged in conversation about diversity and inclusion.

How to Become a Picture Book Ninja!

Presentation for Grades 1–4
In a creative process, called "daydreaming on paper," Arree shows how he develops ideas into picture books. Arree shares every step in the creative process. From doodles to thumbnails and manuscripts to dummies, students will see how a story develops and is put together. Since stories are complex puzzles to solve, Arree shares creative strategies to revise and problem solve. At the end, Students are treated to two animated shorts and are left inspired with creativity.

Please Note: It is recommended that students read Arree's books before the Author’s visit. Pre-visit activities and curriculum will be sent to help prepare for Arree's visit. 



(All writing workshops are limited to 25 students per session.) 


Writing Workshop for Grades 1–8
How can young authors come up with ideas for stories? Arree shares an exercise to collage ideas and develop unique stories. Arree teaches the elements of story and Students are given post-it notes to help brainstorm ideas. Together, the group will vote on ideas and start writing the story. By the end, each student writes their own version of the story developed in the workshop.



Arree can customize presentations to meet your group's needs.  He can offer up to four presentations per day for grades pre-K through 12.  

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Arree requests a per visit honorarium and is happy to work with districts to visit multiple campuses.  If you would like Arree to give a keynote presentation, please also use the  school-visit contact form.



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